Worker wearing protective wear performing powder coating of metal details in a special industrial camera


Powder Coating gives consumers, businesses, and industries one of the most economical, longest-lasting, and most color-durable quality finishes available on virtually any type of metal. Powder-coated surfaces are more resistant to chipping, scratching, fading, and wearing than other finishes. Color selection is virtually unlimited with flat, satin, gloss, high gloss, metallic, candies, clear, iridescent, fluorescent, wrinkle, hammer tone, and glitter finishes available. Colors stay bright and vibrant longer. Texture selections range from smooth surfaces to wrinkled or matte finishes, and rough textures designed for hiding surface imperfections.



Parylene has become the protective coating of choice for challenging electronics, aerospace and medical applications. Conformal coatings are generally liquid in nature, while Parylene is formed on surfaces from a high purity powder known as a dimer with no liquid stage. The resulting film is thin and conformal, has no pinholes, and resists the effects of organic solvents, inorganic reagents, and acids. Parylene serves multiple purposes including electrical insulation, moisture, and chemical isolation, mechanical protection, enhanced lubricity, and surface consolidation to avert flaking or dusting.